Bitesized Game Reviews

Bitesized Game reviews

If you’ve visited this site before (Highly unlikely unless you’re one of the lucky 194 views I have reached to date) then you have not noticed how I attempt to write long and in-depth reviews on games and industry commentary (Just one game so far, I know how do I find the time?) . However I am just one one person in this expansive industry, one in which journalist with paid jobs cover the hot button topics with far more success than I do. I however have a passion for video games (Who doesn’t. shock, awe) and spend my limited time playing them, and thought I would also try write about them.  Turns out the the latter is not as easy as like I said…I have limited time.

The Solution?

So with that I have decided to try a new approach. Instead of trying to emulate industry giants approach to video games I’m going to take a different route; taking the form of “Bite sized Game Reviews”. I take on the challenge to accurately represent a game and my feelings on said game in 500 words or less. You might cry out that this is unfair and biased, and it is. But lets be honest, no ones reading these anyway so I’m gonna do what i want. Not to mention most video game reviews are 40% filler and unnecessary guff to create near infinite scrolling for ads to populate between/along the side of them. This is the opposite of that, this is a no holes barred blunt braising review of a game in it’s simplest form to let you know if it’s worth the current price tag or if it’s a hard pass. 

So if you like the sound of that then please join me as I review the most random collection of games (Basically whatever I happened to own on PS4 and Switch) in bite sized reviews.  It’s gonna be…interesting.

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